Autumnal Central Park

I walked up to Harlem Meer this afternoon to see the pumpkin flotilla, which was a bit of a letdown—I assumed they would be flotilla-ed around the lake at least, but instead a guy in a kayak paddled them out a couple feet from shore and they just sat there, bobbing sadly, as if fully aware of their own failure to execute. However I did feel that this qualified as a legitimate Linus van Pelt gourd-related growth-type experience for yours truly; i.e., no harm no foul and I am a better person for it.

I also love those parts of the park where you see evidence of the work that happens here. It's easy to forget when you're inside and the traffic and noise die away that every single thing about it is man made—every body of water dug and filled, every trail planned, every tree planted. From a maintenance perspective it's approximately as natural as my hair color.

+ for contrast: spring in Central Park