3 things for today

1 - This Harper Reed episode of Track Changes is delightful, especially the stories he tells about his parents and the way he talks about dealing with stress at work (“I just love that strife!”), a response to chaos that has never once occurred to me in life but has since proven legitimately useful.

2 - “By contrast, the closest thing I’ve seen to a disaster outdoors was when my brother sliced his fingers on an open blade while reaching into my backpack for some wieners. We were about to cook them on a small (and illegal) open fire on a beach in western British Columbia. To get to the hospital we had to climb a few short crags over knee-high waves. He ended up with five stitches.” – James Somers @ Outside, via Craig Mod

3 - I don’t know, it’s Saturday. Have a beer. Take a nap! Do whatever you want!

# - My dog comes home tomorrow. Maybe they trained him to cook dinner.

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