Hello, as you may have noticed

+ I can see this park from the train when I go into the office so today I got in my car and tracked it down. ILL may be flat as hell but it is lousy with parks and prairie paths and various wildfowls, the only one of which I care about is ducks. FYI. The morning was foggy and gray and grim but I sat for a while and watched the ducks and in the background I could hear cheering from a girls’ soccer game and a boys’ baseball game and there were old ladies with dogs walking the paths and young couples and joggers, all of us just waiting for the sun to come out.

+ The sun came out! I’ve been taking Vitamin D for a while now but there’s nothing like the real thing. (I say this in April, not August. In August I will want to kill everybody.)

+ “I know that even if you wound the clock all the way back to the first time you can remember being this way — the moment you perceived that when you got things right, you got love, that when you achieved, you felt peace — that there’d probably still be no way to undo it. It’s in your nature.”

+ From Austin Kleon’s Keep Going: “It’s impossible to pay attention to your life if you are hurtling along at lightning speed. When your job is to see things other people don’t, you have to slow down enough that you can actually look.

+ Somebody cared what I think about blogs! Andrea Contino asked me why I keep coming back here.

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