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+ I think we can all agree that Adobe makes the most annoying software in the world. I’m not sure it’s debatable. What would be a close (or even distant) second? Botox? Decapitation? For some reason a few months ago they started charging me for a subscription to “Adobe Stock” that I never requested, did not need, never used, and certainly never knew existed, via their Creative Cloud ponzi scheme, a sketchy operation that downloads and installs and updates various unwanted apps on my hard drive ad nauseam, all the damn time. Oh my god I hate it so much. At one point I changed my email address to, an admittedly lame silent protest that went unnoticed and unrewarded, since the one thing in life I can’t give up is my subscription to Lightroom. Some ill-employed tech-head genius needs to come up with a decent Lightroom alternative already. Let’s all stop worrying about going viral or “making money” and actually do something good for a change. Goddammit.

+ Today’s the day I found out my favorite taco joint of all time closed down, so I’m in a terrible mood. I have many amazing memories of reading about George Clooney in US magazine at wobbly tables in the back while waiting for friends to show up so we could shove our faces full of beautiful steak tacos and enormous diet sodas. Life will never be the same.

+ I also haven’t slept in approximately 8 thousand years, so I might technically be dead.

+ I have nothing else to report. As my father likes to say when he goes through the drive-thru at McDonald’s, “I’ll take a hamburglar, a small coffee, and that’s all!”