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The doormat & I had a rough winter. As you can see.

+ General Hospital celebrated its 56th anniversary today. I’ve watched a billion old episodes of this show over the last year and it has been a real gift, but this one was as hard to get through as the recent Four Weddings and a Funeral reunion. Not because they’re terrible! (Well, General Hospital is frankly not very good anymore, since Alan Quartermaine remains dead and I have no intention of forgiving anybody for that. What kind of lame-o gets over Alan Quartermaine? I would be so disappointed in myself.) But both are such perfect markers of a very specific time and place in my life, and the people I shared them with, and I watch them now and all I can think is Yes, I want it all back. As always, not in a monkey’s paw kind of way, but I’d like someone to come up with some workable options. My brain is tired of thinking about it.

+ “Instagram was never meant to be what it has become.”

+ Ladies and gentlemen, one Loops to rule them all: