What will you do today?

+ I dropped a whole carton of eggs on the floor this morning, and congratulations to myself for not having a complete meltdown.

+ I’m so happy whenever Ben Wyatt busts out his Letters to Cleo tee

+ One of my favorite New York City meals was steak tacos (surprise) from a restaurant called Cilantro that included a side of rice and black beans and a small container of jalapeño sauce. I ate this meal approximately five times a month for at least eight years. That sauce really fancied up those workaday rice and beans and I miss it so much, so last night I googled “jalapeño sauce” and made this. I had to cheat since I owned a lemon but no lime and parsley but no cilantro, and it tasted nothing like my Cilantro, but it’s amazing nonetheless and I will eat it on anything until the end of time.

+ One of my all-time favorite bloggers is posting under the “Photos” banner on his site, which I am shamefully late to realize but which makes me happier than I can say. I still appreciate the old ways, and familiar voices. I like knowing they’re out there. And he’s inspiring me to pick up my camera and to start looking at things, which hasn’t happened for ages.

+ “it’s okay to slow down. You’re not missing anything.”