You’ve hit the mile marker for your reward

A year ago today I boarded a plane at LaGuardia that landed at O’Hare. I took a cab to Hertz and drove a rental to the post office to pick up my mailbox keys and then I drove to a Honda dealership to buy a car (the #1 car to steal in America, thank you very much). It rained all day. I was very tired.

It’s been a long year—as I have stated many, many times—a year of shifting ground and perspective. There were days that I questioned my choice, but the question was never “did I make the right choice?” Sometimes there is no right choice—that’s the tricky part. That’s the step you take off the ledge you walk yourself out on. But you jump anyway and what you find when you land is a whole other world of choices, and you keep walking off ledges and making new choices and at some point you stop and look around and think well, now I own two sofas I can nap on. And I do, all the time.

p.s. Hell’s bells! This sounds much more smug than I intended, so just focus on the napping part. Thanks, and be careful out there: the woods are lovely dark and deep. Please don’t steal my Honda.

Kari GComment