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My greatest blessing and my greatest curse is that I have a very stupid sense of humor (“very”). A blessing in that it’s easily triggered and a curse in that it makes me a not very serious person; i.e., I have trouble taking most things very seriously (“very”).

e.g., I was going about my usual business and having a terrible work day until I read Joe Veix’s e-scooter escape story at lunchtime, which is ridiculous and earnest in equal measure, and lo all was magically cured just because it made me laugh (h/t Kaitlyn Tiffany):

At the bottom of the hill, I stopped to have a sip of water. As I screwed the top back on my bottle, I noticed a coyote watching me. We quietly watched each other for a few minutes. It was possibly the first e-scooter he had ever seen. What did he think about “ride-sharing 2.0”?

+ I also re-read this piece by Amanda Mull on the follicular maintenance rituals of the rich & famous and those who pretend to the throne (scammers), which is remarkably insightful and, sad to say, 100% true. Hair does not lie.

+ This Jia Tolentino profile of athleisure hawker Outdoor Voices and its founder was equally smart (tho not so funny), nodding at its appeal even as she questions the relentless onslaught of a self-improvement culture. It made me wonder what would happen if I just decided nothing about me needed fixing. What global entities would be destroyed if I didn’t spend time, money, and agony trying to subtract 25 years from my skin, hair, and hips (which, by the way, naturally and almost admirably resist those efforts)? What if healthy and reasonably happy were my only goals? Who would be harmed by this?

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