You come out ahead if

I watched that Theranos thing on HBO last night and until the day I die I’ll be thinking, at least I never scammed a handful of billionaires out of their billions and multiple thousands out of their blood. Jesus. It was depressing on so many levels—how ready we are to believe in miracles, how eager we are for messiahs. And what a horrible way to live, playing this massive shell game, all these people just lying to each other every day, and for what? For a little bit of money.

But it also reminded me why I keep coming back here, to this small dumb blog. I love writing stories. I suppose I need to. And here I can put something out into the world that has nothing standing in front of it: no cover charge, no login, no registration, no selling before or after or in between. I’m not planning some great endgame, there’s no massive payday in the pot of some grifter’s rainbow. Don’t get me wrong; I understand why some writers put up paywalls or ads; i.e., writing is their job. For me it’s just another way to breathe. It’s all right here, and it’s free, and it’s whatever I want it to be.

p.s. Free for you, I mean. I fork over actual clams for this nonsense. But I do it with love! And money.