This group is for people who

I dialed up my 2016ish playlist in the car yesterday morning, on the way to Trader Joe’s. It kicks off with the first song I played in 2016, a song I’ve listened to a thousand times over the years (“Tuna! Are you kidding me!?”), only yesterday I hit rewind and rewind and rewind (the path to Trader Joe’s is paved with stoplights) over these lines:

Well darkness has a hunger that’s insatiable,
and lightness has a call that’s hard to hear.

It was pathetic, yes. Seeking solace in lyrics is the province of youthful romantics and fans of Brainpickings, and also lovers of soap operas.

All my conversations with friends these days touch on anxiety, on expectations and disappointments and changes we’re struggling to understand. We really have reached a point where we’re looking around and wondering, this is it? I mean it’s not over, but honestly: this is everything? It’s all just…adulthood? And mostly it’s a weird, unbalancing feeling, but also (and I say this as I finally embark on a search for a therapist): it’s nice to share it with the same people who knew you when you were 12 and 22 and 32 and 42 and…

Find some good friends and talk to them, is what I’m saying.

+ This video is such a pure and epic distillation of its time: