Things to report

1. I’ve waited my entire life for this “Throwing Out My CDs” post on EVITA at Broadway World; it’s smart and delightful and the series is a prime example of loving what you love with your whole good heart. When I was first introduced to EVITA, via cassette tape on a spring break road trip to Florida at the fine age of 17 (shows you the kind of crowd I ran with), I had neither the resources nor the inclination to follow it down as many rabbit holes as Ben Rimalower does, but I appreciate the effort and the passion. For me EVITA is Patti and Patti alone (“So share my glo-ry/So share my coff-ffin”). And Mandy, obviously.

2. Tonight’s agenda: MAMMA MIA! live on stage

3. Tomorrow night’s agenda: SCHITT’S CREEK! up close and personal and live on stage!

4. Bob’s Burgers: I’m sorry/grateful that it took me so long to discover this show (“You son of a snitch! What’s your favorite movie, Squeal Magnolias?”). What a tragic waste of many years of my life, not knowing Bob and Linda and Gene and Tina and Louise. Last night it led me to this Vulture interview with Eugene Mirman, where he answers the silly question “are there too many podcasts?” in the best possible way: “Probably not. In the same way that there aren’t too many TV shows or too many places making french fries. It would be funny if a new band came out and people were like, ‘This is really good, but there’s enough music in the world.’ I don’t know, it’s a medium. No one has to listen to it.” Too many places making french fries! Can you imagine? (cf. so many books)

5. Indie bookstores in DC. Indie bookstores in general! I released my Amazon death grip and am rolling back to days of yore: ordering, anticipating, and collecting goods from my local indie bookstore and my local library. Better ways. The deeper breath. The longer view.

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