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O Monday, good Monday. Say hello to the mind wanderers, the distracted, the easily bored, the cranky and creaky and ill-slept. Ahoy to the routine and the mundane and the regular, every day. Keep it loose and ragged. Drink coffee till you float away (no great achievement, but still: a goal). Don’t promise anything. Don’t take notes. Maybe try not to join too many conference calls? Maybe?

It’s 54 degrees and raining! In January! In Illinois.

You can’t start over too many times, in my opinion. And who says everything has to make sense? Nobody, that’s who.


Do check out Steven Soderbergh’s Seen, Read 2018, a highlight of this or any year.


An appreciation of The ‘Intellectual Layer Cake’ of the Web; i.e., blogs of olde. Until I jumped down the rabbit hole I didn’t realize how much I miss blogs that ended in “dot blogspot dot com.” Blogs that could just be small and dumb and casual (I fight the fight but sometimes it feels noticeably weird to keep bothering. Like waving a pom-pom in the middle of a buffalo stampede.). And I know Google’s takeover of Blogger precipitated the end of days, blog-wise, but it was good there for a while, wasn’t it? Low stakes. A bit shabby but less fraught. Less crammed with ambition.

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