3 things

1. I had a shouldless day yesterday. I slept in (8 a.m.!) and did not take a shower until after 1:00, and then only because I had to pick up some containers at the Container Store. I worked most of the days over the holidays, during what was supposed to be our company-wide winter break, so I decided I had had enough. It was time to do nothing but drink coffee and listen to the opera and Bob Seger and organize my closet and my inbox and read anything I wanted to read (p.s. I’m reading this). I am relaxing into this place and this space and this lifestyle and am finally getting my equilibrium back. I tend not to trust good moods or good times, being a nervous pessimist of the old school, but I am finally learning to drop my shoulders, and I was back in my jammies by 6 p.m. Quite an achievement, I say!

2. I also watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, who I find calming and delightful. It has very much the same warm, accepting vibe as the new Queer Eye, only pitched at a different level of intensity. I think the people who mock her should find out what she’s actually trying to do: it’s not about getting rid of all your shit, or buying a bunch of containers, or even judging your choices, it’s about taking a breath and recognizing who you are what you value. (I do like containers, though.)

3. This Healthyish newsletter from Bon Appetit is my new essential, along with Bon Appetit’s test kitchen videos. Claire is an icon for a reason but it’s all bright and sunny and relaxed and nothing makes me want to cook more than watching people be comfortable in a kitchen.

4. When I said 3 things I meant 3 things. The end!

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