2019 resolve

My #1 resolution for the year is to feel better, and to do whatever it takes to feel better, daily, on a basic molecular and mental level. Not “be happy” or “lose weight” or “win the lottery“ or “do X to get Y.” There’s no direction attached to this resolution, no measure, and no end state. Just feel better. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, creatively, socially. My head knows what better is. My body knows what better feels like. Sometimes it’s more sleep, sometimes it’s pick up a book or take a walk. Stare out the window. Have a glass of water. Call a friend. Watch General Hospital! Write a stupid blog post. Turn off notifications? Sure thing. Unfollow some dink on Twitter? You bet.

I stumbled upon this admittedly genius idea when I realized that if my favorite die-hard mantra is everlastingly true—that things can always get worse—the inverse must also be true. Surely there’s room enough in most things to grow, or to try, or at least to learn. I won’t waste my time hoping for the best, but I can hope for better. That’s a place to start.

Anyway, no pressure. I will keep you posted.