Things I’m a fan of

1. This video falls under an umbrella I think of as "the small internet," (self-contained, non-commercial, existing only for pleasure or wonder or boredom, a danger to no one) which, like dumb blogging, I am a fan of:

2. The Rod Stewart song "Maggie May":

Years ago my dad had to drive down and pick me up at O'Hare when my connecting flight to WI was canceled, and on the way home we listened to his favorite Rod Stewart CD. (He went through a Rod Stewart phase in his seventies.) I remember that he paused in the middle of a sentence to say "She kicks him in the head!" when that line came up, but my favorite line is "The morning sun when it's in your face really shows your age." Lyrically it's meant to be a burn on the cougar-type mature lady who robbed him of his innocence (what an unholy conglomeration of ugly words!), but as someone who's finally owning her own status as a fully adult human woman, I like it.

3. Mixed olives from the olive bar eaten w/ peasant bread, olive oil, cherry tomatoes and sharp cheddar cheese, rinse, repeat

4. Relaxing Radio WBDK from Green Bay. I listen to this when I'm making dinner; it's mostly '70s and '80s soft rock/adult contemporary, which is 100% my vibe this summer/always.

5. "What's the best thing that happened today?"