Sustainable happiness

A lot of people think of happiness as a very, very exciting emotion. They expect it to be this constant state of ecstasy — as opposed to equanimity, which is a more sustainable and attainable form of happiness, almost like a quiet joy. It doesn’t look like winning the lottery. It looks much more like sitting quietly and noticing that your life is actually wonderful.
— Hedy Kober, Yale University

I just heard the news about Anthony Bourdain, who was as ferocious about devouring life as a person could be. What a goddamn tragedy this is. What a week of flashing, blinding alarm lights. There is a crisis in this country, and even the strongest and most successful and seemingly charmed among us can't fight it on their own. And there's an enormous gulf, obviously, between a clinical depression and, I don't know, feeling the pain of certain things, which is a natural human reaction to living. Platitudes about happiness are a minor and meaningless consolation against the weight that some people feel can't be lifted. Attending to your mental health is as critical as eating your fucking vegetables, man. But don't ever think it's as easy.