I can imagine a few reasons why

I haven't been shy about hating 90% of women's fashion, have I? I'd hate to give the impression that I approve of skinny jeans, thong underwear, any kind of shapewear, heels, cold-shoulder tops, or ruffles. I'd positively die of embarrassment if any of these products thought they had earned my endorsement by virtue of my silence. For the record, then, they can all fuck right off.

[ insert caffeine break ]

Anyway, over the weekend I bought men's boxer shorts to sleep in, because women's pajama shorts have let me down. Have you ever seen these things? As a general rule they are 3 millimeters long, covered in either tiny animal prints, florals, or (obviously) ruffles, and they tend to come in any combination of the following colors: pink. This is wrong! This is all wrong! Also they are always sold out in my sizes.

Says a person at Quora:

Women can and do wear men’s underwear and all other clothes all the time. Right now, men’s boxer shorts are the rage among women. Men’s clothes are cut a little bigger and allow women to relax, stretch out, and be comfortable. The women’s fashion industry exploits and colludes against women by dictating a very tight fashion fit for all women’s fashion products. You get a little thing and pay big bucks for just about everything in women’s fashion. High heels are just one example. They are the most uncomfortable shoes on earth.

My experience with men's boxers is seeing them on women like Sandra Bullock or Kate Hudson in breezy romantic comedies, where they are mostly used to convey sexiness, which is fine for romantic comedy but tedious for life. How have we, as a species, allowed ourselves to be backed into this corner? How have we agreed that yes, sexy is the only way I want to present myself to the world or my own personal apartment, which I alone occupy, pay rent for, and am forced to clean every other goddamn week or, if I'm honest, maybe once a month? I don't want to look sexy, I want to sleep in shorts. Case closed!

Says another person at Quora:

No, it will make a woman way too uncomfortable because men underwear are designed in such a way that some extra spacing is left for the reproduction organ.

Oh! I've also seen them on men. And they seem to be doing okay.