3 things for today

1. This from Jami Attenberg's #1000wordsofsummer daily email:

I write because it is the thing I have to offer, the one skill I have. I write to make people feel less alone in the world. I write as an act of service. I write because I want to communicate messages with the world. I write because it's a political statement, because I'm a feminist, and I want to exercise my freedom of speech. I write because I believe in myself, and that I have something worth saying. I write because I'm an artist, and if I didn't make my art I'd probably go mad.

2. This from Cloe Madanas at Alternet (via Kottke): Here are the 14 habits of highly miserable people:

Fearing economic loss has several advantages. First, it’ll keep you working forever at a job you hate. Second, it balances nicely with greed, an obsession with money, and a selfishness that even Ebenezer Scrooge would envy. Third, not only will you alienate your friends and family, but you’ll likely become even more anxious, depressed, and possibly even ill from your money worries. Good job!

3. This text from a fellow childe of the 80s* who understands my heart; we discovered last weekend that we share many of the same SXM faves:

*Technically we are children of the 70s, but the 80s was our defining decade, when we had sentience and Top Gun cast upon us.

4. A reminder that there are glories still: