Put this in your pipe & smoke it

This isn't a podcast blog or anything, but my (real yet imaginary) friends at Pop Culture Happy Hour paid tribute to Carl Kasell at the end of last week's episode, and somewhere in the course of things, Stephen Thompson said this:

Steve Inskeep on twitter had a great comment where he looked at Carl's Wikipedia page and it was broken down into two categories: "early career" and "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me." And he was marveling at how "early career" summarized everything leading up to his spot on this game show. And first of all, you know, this is a towering career, and second of all, that our lives aren't automatically over because we've reached a certain age. We talk about this all the time, this idea that we peak in our teens or our twenties or our thirties or whatever. We can peak whenever life sorts itself out that way.

This isn't a self-help blog, either, it's just nice to remind yourself of certain things sometimes.

+ see also: be a kind person. People notice, and remember.