3 things for today

1. 3 things feels achievable.

2. Is it, though? Are they? Not 100% sure of the grammar on that one, but the point remains: sometimes I wonder.

3. I’m making a cake soon, because I decided I want to make a cake, not because I particularly care about cake. I forgot to read all the rules earlier so I need to wait while two more sticks of butter come to room temperature before I can start, which seems insane but isn’t, I suppose. Most things have logic. (This thing has 3-1/2 sticks of butter.) I considered googling ways to bring whole sticks of butter to room temperature IN A FLASH but that seemed antipodal to the ethos of the project. I didn’t buy a cake mix, or frosting, I have to beat the whole goddamn thing together myself and then see what happens, and I’m sure as shit not going to blow all that up by cheating with butter. I’ll fax a picture if it all comes out alright. Let’s all bow our heads and pray for me during this, our most perilous hour.

3.1 I was going to make this cake last weekend but thinking you own a hand mixer and actually owning a hand mixer are two vastly different things. 

4. The new Eric Clapton Christmas album is really lovely. I didn’t care much for it at first, but I tacked it on to the end of my five-hour long 🎄 playlist and hoped for the best. Once you’ve reached the fourth hour of Christmas music your mind starts to wander a little, I’ll admit. But this album is very low-key and amiable. A fine companion on a Sunday afternoon: that’s the best thing I could say about any person or any music. Lots of people and entertainments can be Friday-night-cool or Saturday-wild-and-exciting but who do you want to spend a Sunday afternoon with? That’s a good test for you to think about in your spare time.

I also like that Christmas music—which I start listening to on November 1 and will not give up until January 2—can still be new to me. That promises something, doesn’t it? That people keep making cakes, and new music, for no reason at all? Or just to make somebody like me, a chucklehead, happy?