Luckily for me

I feel emotionally ready to have a dog but would like someone else to do all the work for me, the searching and finding and procuring and what have you. The planning and et cetera. I just want to be a person who has a dog, not a person who has to go about all the business of getting the dog. Maybe the dog could just show up at my door and let itself in?

I’m tired of being the person who has to do it all, frankly. I’m ready to farm some of it out. I had this same thought on Saturday (not about the dog) when I realized in the middle of making pulled pork for tacos for a party of five that I hadn’t even considered what to serve as a side. I hadn’t even thought about tacos needing help. I feel like somebody with help would have at least had the presence of mind to think, Huh. Maybe I oughta give these tacos a hand. Luckily I had some rice in the cupboard.

Anyway, let’s get out there and find me a dog. Girl or boy, I’m naming it Millie. Or Marion (Lady Bird’s mother). Or Alan Quartermaine.

Here are some dogs I’ve enjoyed lately on the various social mediums:

In summation, we need more dogs in the world. Whenever people (“people”) start moaning about low birth rates and global warming and so forth I always think oh, who cares. Give it up. Humanity had billions of years to get something right and we came up with Twitter and venereal disease. Just let the dogs take over.

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