There's nothing to be embarrassed about

Now that I’ve remembered how to blog, I have many things to say. Sorry! That’s the price you pay for millions of dollars worth of free typing.

1. I spent all 5+ hours of holiday travel to & fro the great cheese state of WI listening to the Blank Check podcast series on the films of Nancy Meyers. Lord do I love Nancy Meyers and her films. In one of the episodes one of the cohosts says something about Nancy Meyers being a sound machine setting, and I hollered THAT IS A BRILLIANT OBSERVATION aloud to myself in the car. David Sims (I think it was Sims) also called Nancy Meyers movies “white wine movies,” which seemed equally fitting (or maybe it’s “whine”), although during the Something’s Gotta Give episode I did have to correct them on a few key points; e.g., in the heart attack scene as she’s about to perform CPR on Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton says “You fucking guy,” not “You fucking man.” To be fair, I have seen this movie 8,000 times.

2. Last night I watched both of those Paddington movies, which are truly sublime. I was a little stunned, frankly, since I thought my heart had turned to stone. No such luck! Let’s give Hugh Grant a thousand Oscars and be done with it.

3. I also made pizza from scratch last night, including the dough, and I counted it as a real victory even though it was vaguely terrible. I’m determined to achieve this from-scratch pizza goal without purchasing any new kitchen equipment, which means using a sheet pan instead of a pizza steel and making the laziest dough possible. It’ll never be great but don’t worry, I have no intention of serving it to others. Unless they like eating flour.

4. On Thanksgiving day ABC showed a General Hospital episode from 2000 as part of its current “Best of Sonny & Carly” series, which I care zero about, but it did feature a large Quartermaine contingent, so I was pleased as punch to once again have the chance to sit on my parents’ sofa watching this soap opera alone while everyone else watched football in a different room. Alan Quartermaine alive again for Thanksgiving! Welcome to my childhood. Embrace small joys in all their unexpected forms, etc.

5. I’m also thankful for YouTube, obviously, and fanmade montage vids set to amazing musical choices. Enjoy the many fights, hugs & hairstyles:

In 2019 I’m going to start a weekly Quartermaine newsletter just so I can send it to myself. It will unfold at the same rate as an actual storyline on the show, so I expect to wrap it up in the year 2049.

6. Your weekly Bruce: film’s a-comin’! Look at him rolling out of that SUV just like QE2.

7. All my tests came back: time for some Vitamin D, stat.

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