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I read something very smart over the weekend in this Martha Stewart book about aging smartly,* about how important it is to address small health issues early, while they're minor, before they morph into something you may not be able to control. Like toe calluses, the scourge of hominids everywhere. At the beginning of the section on practicing prevention, Martha lays out a harrowing scenario I think we all can easily relate to, based on having feet:

You ignore that corn on your toe, and don't mention it to your doctor because it seems so inconsequential. You're busy and have no time for a pedicure. Your foot hurts more and more, so you stop standing as much and drive or take the bus when you previously would have walked. Now your toe is permanently bent. Eventually, you forgo your regular exercise class and become increasingly chair-bound. Fast-forward several years or decades and your sedentary lifestyle takes its toll: you fall and break a hip. That fall was no accident; the seeds of disability were planted much earlier when that corn appeared. And that fall was probably preventable, if only you had taken care of that minor problem earlier.

No time for a pedicure! See how quickly that went downhill? Jesus Christ! I read this on Sunday and haven't been able to sleep since. Facts and suppositions alike are dangerous for hyper-imaginative shut-ins like me. Anyway, I'm going to the podiatrist tomorrow to have a callus removed from the fourth toe of my left foot because I'd rather not be dead from some idiotic toe-related death in 20 years, thanks to Martha. I hope you'll be smart and do the same.

* Not the actual title of this book

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