From Broadway & 56th

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When I came out of the station after work today I followed a couple of little boys and their ponytailed handler down the street. The youngest was wearing a t-shirt that said “POWERED BY THE SUN” on the back and the other one had on khaki shorts and a navy wool blazer with the collar turned up, like an MBA student heading back to the frat house. He was maybe eight years old. The little one kept saying “Jeez. JEEZ!” real loud and making emphatic hand gestures, which reminded me of my favorite kid types:

  • kids who display adult conversational tics; I’m not talking about flipping the bird or cursing, which is unwelcome from anyone besides me, I’m talking about hands on hips and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and looks of skepticism delivered in a way that indicates they're not even aware they're doing it (and not in the grossly precocious way of trained child actors)
  • kids whose hair sticks straight up in the back and flops around when they walk—bedhead, technically (and these do tend to be boys who are also still one-half to three-quarters asleep)
  • kids who wear glasses, although I'm sad about the lifetime of misery that awaits them