On liberty

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I finished the PCHH fall movies podcast on the bus this morning, and at the end, host Linda Holmes wrapped it up as usual by listing the Twitter handles for all of her guests, with one exception: Bilal Qureshi. "Bilal's not on Twitter," she said. "Bilal just lives his life." And I thought, how glorious. What a happy and well-adjusted person Bilal must be. Whereas my whole deal with Twitter is half-voluntary, half-hostage: it's where I find all the Friday Puppy photos I send to my friend and former co-worker Cindy Woo, and where plenty of bozos still make me laugh, yet every time I look at it I think, do I have to do this for the rest of my life? Is this what life is now? Waiting for some asshole to barf out another 140* ill-considered characters so we can all scream at each other about it? Is this fun anymore? What's wrong with us? When will Twitter end? Why can't it close up shop already so we can safely retreat into our private (but still blogging) corners? As if waking from a nightmare?! Of course I personally haven't been able to log out for more than a couple of days at a time, but it will happen soon, I know it! Eventually it has to. And the best thing will be you won't have to listen to me bitch about Twitter anymore. RIP, good times.

+ from Kelly Conaboy at the Hairpin:

There is nothing less attractive than reading anyone’s Twitter account. Little things they say to no one? It’s very insane. Trying to make people laugh? Saying an opinion? Yuck. And of all the Twitter accounts, the worst Twitter accounts are the overactive straight male Twitter accounts. So many opinions. “Here’s what I thought about this article.” Man, I don’t care.