A morning walk in four steps

Here's where I stopped to gaze at the lake and the skyline and contemplate the longterm prospects of the human race vis-à-vis 2017 events thus far (FYI outlook not so good):


Here's where I took a detour to walk up the Bethesda Terrace steps because I decided I needed to "kick it up a notch":


Here's where I passed two sixtysomething women discussing where to funnel their hurricane donations. "Whatever you do, don't give anything to the Red Cross!" one said to the other, and I pictured myself in 15 years, likewise shouting pronouncements at A Friend:

red cross.jpeg

Here's where I stopped for a minute to sweat before I bought a bagel:


p.s. White Gold Butchers is very delicious but does not open until 8 a.m., which is at least 60 minutes too late for me. I have zero patience at the best of times but when it comes to early morning hunger, it's at approximately negative 10 billion. 

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