Watching: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

For pete's sake, watch this movie! It is an utter delight, and has the bonus (well, not exactly "bonus," as he's the star) of Sam Neill, who once upon a time (the mid-90s) appeared in nearly every movie I saw with my dear friend and roommate Diana, so this reminded me a lot of Diana, so much so that approximately 3/4 of the way through it—as Sam Neill and the kid who plays his foster son reach a sort of pinnacle of their time together on the run from the law and child services in the New Zealand bush—I had to pause and wipe away a tear for Diana. Because you know who would've loved this movie as much as me? That's right: Diana. So I sincerely hope you love it as much as me and Diana. (Sorry for the sloppy grammar there, but I'll take consistent sentence structure over conventional politeness every time.) Anyway, you know what to do.