A podcast & a newsletter plus

Two more of my favorite things in the world: podcasts and newsletters!

I weave in & out of many, many podcasts, but these are currently in my "Listen up yo" playlist. I'm anti- most podcasts over 60 minutes long, which is a ridiculous amount of time for anything to be that's just people talking to a microphone, but I also set Overcast at "1x +" speed (I have no idea what this technically means, but it's faster), and that helps. Note that none of these are exactly "hidden gems," but I got no time to fish for rare treasures when I have all these f&*LS@#% podcasts to get through:

And fave newsletters:

I do always have time for more good reads, so let me know if you have any. I'm tired of being a person who says "I hate X" all the time, even though I'm usually mostly joking and even though I just did it re: 60-minute-long podcasts. But it's a terrible way to live! So I'm actively on the hunt for new things to love that don't involve illegal substances or communicable diseases.

Anyway, the latest Nerdette podcast was my favorite entertainment this week, and not only for the long "Tom Hanks swoons over typewriters" interlude. Start here, near the end, with Dr. Sheyna Gifford, who talks about life in space & right here on earth: 

Begin to look around your world and think of yourself as having only so much of anything. Behave accordingly. Buy only the food you’re going to eat and if you’re not going to eat it or use it, compost it. Turn lights off. Wash dishes in the sink and then use that water to do the floor. Plant something that generates oxygen. And really choose when you buy things — when you purchase things, when you fill your life with stuff — think of it as the thing you want with you on your ship. And if you don’t want it with you on your ship, do you really want it? Fill your life with the people you want with you on your ship. And if you don’t want them with you on your journey to the unknown? Well, maybe choose other people. And most of all, decide who it is you most want to be in life and be that person. Be your boldest, most brilliant, most generous, most patient individual.

Then go back and listen to Jessamyn Stanley, who talks about yoga and self-acceptance and trying things that are hard just because they're hard, and then go back to the beginning and listen to the whole thing. Nerdette is the best! Of course it is, it's from Chicago.

Then read/subscribe to Bim Adewunmi's newsletter, ...the fuck is this?

I remembered something an older cousin once said about me and my attitude. In less harsh words, she basically told me I was dangerously smug, and that my need to be superior (her diagnosis, not mine) was severely off-putting. Ominously, she told me that I should watch that tendency. Like it was a custard that might form lumps if I ever stopped stirring, or a baby with a malignant stare. I mean, it did its job: I have carried her observation with me for more than two decades. I try to be kind when people do not know what I know. I try to be less of a shit when I am imparting a version of wisdom or knowledge. Some days it comes easy. Other days, well, you can’t outrun habit.

You should always try, though. Just as I'm trying by only proofreading this newsletter one time. It's giving me the vapors yet I soldier on. Peace out, chickens! Stay gold!