Workin’ for a livin’

My friend Kelly told me at work today that she finds the concept of old male rock 'n roll stars who still perform onstage ridiculous: "Imagine seeing your 70-year-old dad up there!" she said. I said that was an ageist statement and I would have to report her to HR. I also told her being a musician was a job like any other job except what kind of person would ever choose to stop rocking? Not me! Then we talked about what kind of fan goes to see these old male rock 'n roll stars and how nostalgia plays the biggest role in their continuing careers. We discussed Bruce Springsteen, of course, which led right into my story about how the first rock 'n roll concert I ever attended was Huey Lewis and the News at Alpine Valley, because we couldn't get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen that summer (the summer of "Born in the U.S.A."). I didn't mention the year, but she said something to the effect of "You were alive back then?" I have no idea how old she actually thinks I am, but it's true! I was living! My dad drove my friend Kris and me to Milwaukee and fell asleep under a tree while we rocked happily beneath the stars with Huey Lewis and the News, who we love dearly to this day.

Ahem. Don't get me wrong: Kelly and I talk a lot but I did manage to get some work done today, too. Launched a whole goddamn website!

Then tonight I got a text from my friend Erin, who was at...a Huey Lewis and the News concert.