SarahB's Tony party 2009

Tonight marked our triumphant return to the Regency, home of many former glories. We ate too much food, drank some things, and broke stuff while we yelled at the television. Some people cursed A LOT. (Not naming names.) SOB & RivB, we missed you terribly. Next year you will have to come; Kevin will pay for your rooms.

Here's SarahB, back where she belongs.

Party prep pt I.

Party prep pt II. I think it's pretty obvious why she invites me along.

Sally: "Audience participation is for nerds."

For drinking purposes I was Stephen Sondheim, Betty Buckley, and Patti LuPone all wrapped into one loud, arrogant, angry package. Luckily none of them was at the ceremony, so I didn't have to drink a goddamn thing! But I did it anyway, just to prove I'm down with commoners/up with people.