Two gains, one loss

1. I switched to a new wash & fold cleaner a couple weeks ago that's close enough to walk to on my way to work lugging a 12-pound sack of filthy laundry. So far they've torn a hole in one sheet and lost three socks, which I am willing to overlook. Socks are tough to track in the best of times and, well I don't know what to say about the sheet except I did not care. It's a sheet. Last week, though, they lost my favorite pair of jeans (slouchy cropped boyfriend, J.Crew, 2 years old) and my favorite sweatshirt (heavy but soft, Eddie Bauer Outlet in Wisconsin Dells, 4 years old). The sweatshirt has since been found and returned to me, although the jeans remain gone with the wind. I've thrown several internal fits about this and have to keep talking myself off the ledge, public tantrum-wise. I do not have luck with jeans these days, or pants, or clothing in general. I've forgotten how to dress and have no idea where to shop. It's nice to know on the weekend that I don't have to care about any of that, only now I do. I'm embarrassed to report how sad I am about those jeans but this is a safe space, and in truth I cared more about losing them than I ever did about my jackets (summer of 2010, RIP). I feel like I've surrendered my security blanket, which is low and pathetic, but now that I've spoken of them here, I have released their hold over me and thus I am free. Hocus pocus, abracadabra, kalamazoo, etc. They're just pants, man. At least that's the theory.

2. I bought this window fan last month in anticipation of the always-painful climate transition that occurs when it's suddenly 75 degrees outside before they turn the heat off inside (I can't control the heat, thanks to New York City's ancient steam radiator system, so I can never close the window). I was a little skeptical that anything so simple and stupid could make a difference in my daily enjoyment but holy moly! It's like sitting on a screen porch on a cool summer night, free from all the care and toil of the world. The problem is it makes me want to nap whenever I sit down. You know the feeling. It's the best.

3. I sense I really reached the bottom of the barrel with this one, blog-wise. But they can't all be winners: that's just a totally unrealistic expectation. I went ahead and posted it anyway, though, as a lesson in hubris and humility, and thus I am free.

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