Broadway Spotlight @ Ars Nova

Sarah's friend Todd Buonopane performed at the Ars Nova Broadway Spotlight last night in a fabulously funny, sweet, good-natured, raucous cabaret of life lessons learned:

1) "Sorry-Grateful" is perhaps a dubious selection for a high school talent show.

2) "Sister Christian" still and will always rock the house. At least amongst a certain '80s-bred demographic.

3) Broadway medleys that include a couple of heartfelt romantic lines from Chess simply cannot miss.

4) "Venice" (from Elegies: A Song Cycle) is one lovely nightcap, and even better when closely followed by "Shipoopi," of Music Man fame.

The venue was perfect, and the audience perfectly in tune. It was a marvelous night.

+ In the great '07 French fry-off, it's currently a tie between Les Enfants Terribles (courtesy of Lux Lotus) and Nice Matin (thanks to of the kosmos).