Reading lately

From Megan Kirby at Vol. 1 Brooklyn, on her lasting love of Chicagoland:

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to live in the suburbs, but part of me wishes I did. A friend of mine skipped town for Palatine a few years back, and she described it as, “When you’re playing a video game and you switch over to easy mode.” I think of Yorktown as the inevitable place we all end up after we’re ready to own a house and grow hydrangeas and never, ever lug a bag of cat litter on public transit again.

I posted that on Facebook earlier this week and immediately regretted it. People hate it so much when you love the suburbs! It makes them so happy to tell you how much they don't. (Of course "I'll feel better if I dump all over that thing you just said you loved" is a strange reaction to a random opinion under any circumstances, but it only serves to make me love that thing more, and vengefully.) But I really do love the suburbs. I really do love small towns and I also really do love big cities. If living in all three simultaneously were an option, I'd be all over it in two shakes. Also maybe on a farm. Or a beach. Or a prairie. All places to live / love if you want to! Those who hate it are welcome never to visit.