“I try everything just to see if it is okay”

I try everything just to see if it is okay. I am 54, so everyone is like, ‘Okay, you have to wear this type of clothes. Very boring, just a gray sweater and large pants,’ which I like to wear. But today, I have painter pants, very dirty ones. They are white but with paint on it. I bought them in Brooklyn. I have big, big yellow wool socks. I have very big shoes. It’s freezing here in Paris, and I have a big man’s shirt with very, very big sleeves, like double [the length of] my arms, with a tiny vest and jacket. While I was walking in the street for coffee, two people came to me to say, ‘May I take a pic[ture] because I love your look.’ Maybe we need more people inventing themselves. I’m not ashamed at all to try things.
— Sophie Fontanel

I love this idea of aging more than any other: try everything.