New theme show: Happy Endings

There is no better television show with which to spend long dark winter nights than Happy Endings, and I've seen every episode of season 2 at least 59 times (rounding up). It is fundamentally and simultaneously cozy, chummy, breezy, bright, smart, fast, and a little mean, all adjectives I relate to. I first binged on it when I was stuck in NYC, sick, over Christmas break in 2011, and it was a saving comfort during a time of sloth and sadness. At first I thought Penny was my favorite character, and she still is. Then I thought Jane was my favorite character, and she still is. Ditto Brad, who might really be my favorite character. It took me longer to warm up to Alex and Dave, although the Marilyn Monroe Halloween episode sold me on the former and the "Temple Grandin/It's Pat/You look like a Jonas Brother" tight perm put it in the bag for me and Dave. I appreciate a slow burn. And since Max cuddles with two stuffed bears signed by Mandy Patinkin ("He sat next to us at a game once"), it was a fait accompli.

And guess where it's set? That's right: in theme town. And look at how happy! ABC! is! about! its! clips! Just not happy enough to give it a fourth season, I guess.

Lesson learned: it's okay to go home again. Sometimes home is what you need.