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Well, you'll be happy to hear I decided to get over myself. I've been feeling very cap-S Serious lately, which is always a bad omen. Nothing productive or even mildly constructive ever happens when I start feeling Serious. Losing my sense of humor is a sure sign that we've boarded a garbage truck to nowhere. I remind myself of this often, and sometimes it helps.

August was not a great month for me vis-à-vis enjoyment. In a lifetime of 46+ years, I would place it in the top 5 of terrible months. Most of this was summer SAD-driven but also just regular, boring old life-driven, although I have a hard time separating the two. Sometimes the ol' brain box simply will not divide. I wanted to put my head down and sleep through all of it, but there's no good way to do that and stay employed. I made some small, meaningless changes just to shake things up: switched to Android (learning new systems is always a good move) and bought new towels (absorbent!). I committed to one big existential change: moving back to Chicago next April, which finally feels like the right time. I think I'll be able to love New York again if I'm not actually living in it.

But still, in August, I remained in the dumps. At the end I was so tired of being myself that I started taking yoga classes and eating salad for breakfast. Something had to give, so I deliberately channeled any potential self-destructive tendencies into benign, healthful, quasi-hippie-type ventures. The yoga is good for me, though, and the salad is topnotch. I could bore you with more details but I'm boring myself just thinking about it. Let's never speak of August 2016 ever again. The numbers 0-8-1-6 are dead to me, which might complicate things at some point, but not today. It's only Labor Day but the air conditioner spins on, and so do I.

September, you glorious, soul-reviving motherfucker! Here we are.

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