Mandatory Tom Hanks

CV and I were faxing to & fro last night about this & that and I mentioned she should go see Sully—as should everyone, it’s a wonderfully restrained picture for grownups and people who need pharmaceutical-free “mood lifters”—and we both agreed Tom Hanks is the best (she used the emoji of many hearts and I just typed “hubba hubba”).

Tom Hanks, winner of multiple Oscars. Tom Hanks, proprietor of the “gimme five” lost-glove Instagram. Tom Hanks, inventor of the elegant typewriter app. (“Is it necessary? No, not really. Is it enjoyable to use and well-made? Well, yes.”) Tom Hanks. Hanx! I like to think Nora Ephron would approve.

I’m not of the mind that all men get better looking as they age, any more than all women do—we all just become more of ourselves, I think—but Tom Hanks is at the top of the list of men about whom this myth is 100% accurate. (I’ll pay $1 billion to anyone willing to diagram that last sentence.) I am no stranger to the man’s aspect: I was there for Bosom Buddies, and Joe vs the Volcano and Turner and Hooch and Splash and Big, etc., etc., and this is definitely one joker well served by a little weight gain and a little hair loss. Would that we could all be so lucky! Would that we could all be Tom Hanks!

p.s. You know what else is a good movie starring Tom Hanks? A Hologram for the King. My stylist and I both agreed on that on Sunday.