Keep me Company: at Barnes & Noble

The cast of Company signed CDs at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble tonight, after performing three songs:

+ The Ladies Who Lunch (Barbara Walsh): I've changed my mind about her; she's mostly banished the ghost of Stritchay!on stage, and she does it by singing about Joanne, not Elaine, as Elaine—wild and fabulous though she may be—is naturally wont to do.

+ You Could Drive a Person Crazy (Elizabeth Stanley, Kelly Jeanne Grant, Angel Desai): The women seated behind me—one of whom just "croyed and croyed" her eyes out when she saw it last week—complained about the saxes replacing the "do do do do" vocals, but I love it.

+ Marry Me a Little: Raul Esparza: Delicious. I love that he's starting to dress just like Stephen Sondheim....