Here's a test for people

I have had a $1 bill stuck to my various refrigerators for the past six years. It's the first dollar bill I ever got in New York City, in 2001. I was in Connecticut for a client meeting and drove into Manhattan for the day with two guys I worked with (which is why I ended up touring The Intrepid for 45 hours). The change we received at the toll booth on our way into the city included a $1 bill with the word "JUAN" written with a ballpoint pen in large capital letters across the face.

I think the world can be divided between people who smile at A JUAN DOLLAR BILL (it's subtle, I know) and people who ask "Why is JUAN written on your dollar bill?" and then scoff like you're a tool when you tell them. You either get it or you don't, and if you don't, you probably don't like me very much in the first place and shouldn't be drinking my beer.

Feel free to use this test while interviewing friends, nannies, pets, furniture salesmen, dry cleaners, drugstore clerks, bus drivers, and potential life partners. It cuts through the clutter like few things I know.

p.s. One of those aforementioned fellas later served time for soliciting a minor, but that's neither here nor there.