The cure for loneliness

The weather may be crappy but there's always something good happening at The Awl! This is from Jim Behrle:

Some people really like hanging out with other people. But then why are we still always on our phones? Are the people we are already with not nearly enough for us? How many people will it take to fill the hole in ourselves? People are incidental to the hole. You could stuff that hole with anything: books, archery, Netflix, Oreos. People are nicest when we pass them as icebergs pass each other in cold water. Hello, nice to see you, how are you, goodbye. This is what I like about being a cashier at a bookstore. I get to have millions of tiny, inconsequential interactions with people. They are buying Doritos or 1984 by George Orwell. They smile briefly. And that’s it. Maybe I see them tomorrow, maybe I never see them again. We talk briefly about the weather. We make a joke about sports.