Watching: Captain Fantastic

I get that this film will not be everyone's cup of tea, treading as it does in dangerously close-to-twee waters (and marketed in such a way as to suggest the Wilderness Family meets "Little Miss Sunshine"). But the stakes are higher than preteen beauty pageants and coke-snorting grandpas, as a grieving father (Viggo Mortensen) raising his six kids off the grid in the deep wilds of Oregon struggles to justify his choices both to them and the world outside. It's the sort of movie where nobody is wrong, exactly, only narrow in their thinking, and what resolution there is comes with both losses and gains (cf. real life). For me it served as a balm and a respite today after this seemingly endless cycle of horrifying news updates. What kicks us out of this madness we keep visiting on each other? What turns things rightside up again? There are no answers here and no utopia to be found, only a little faith in the middle way and a fragile means of making peace with the world as it is.