, or let’s go home again

Of all the crazy blog acts I've perpetrated over the years, thanks to internet boredom, laziness, taxes, and life malaise, obviously the craziest was giving up my precious litwit domain. I don't remember why this happened (who knows why who does anything anymore), and maybe that's for the best. Maybe amnesia really is the answer, and by getting the URL back I can both recapture something lost and start over again with a clean slate. Although what kind of universe are we living in where is available for purchase for 12 measly clams? 

But whatever. This is one simple wrong that could be righted and the DARK DAYS ARE OVER, MY FRIENDS. Crack open a beer, set phasers to stun, and let's stick around here for a while.

p.s. blogs are still dead, but I prefer it that way.