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These photos are terrible but you'll survive.

These photos are terrible but you'll survive.

In between listening to, watching, and absorbing the genius glory that is  "Lemonade," I took a cooking class at Sur la Table today: the subject was "healthy, whole food." My teammates were a couple of 24-year-olds, one of whom was afraid of the stove. I wanted to assure her that there were scarier things in life but hated to ruin the surprise. 

We made four delicious and easy-to-repeat-at-home dishes:

  • Poached Shrimp and Spiralized Cucumber Salad with Chia Seed Vinaigrette
  • Pan-Roasted Chicken with Farro and Spring Peas
  • Curried Carrot Soup
  • Cocoa Zucchini Cake

As you can see I am already a million miles down the road of achieving my #1 old year's resolution from 2015, which was "learn to cook." At the same time I have broken it, since technically I did bake something. I don't know what to say about this lapse in judgment. We can't all be winners.

The huge news, though, was that I actually liked soup! Made of CARROTS! Although I was previously convinced that the step of toasting seeds prior to tossing them at your face was a big load of fussball nonsense, it turns out this is not the case. It's a legit easy move that will vastly enhance your fragrance/taste profile, especially when applied to something nutritious yet obviously lame, like good ol' stupid carrots. I really achieved something great today, is what I'm saying. I really transcended myself.