Two snaps on Broadway

This is what Broadway looks like now that it's closed to traffic from 47th to 42nd streets; i.e., madness of a different kind. Hard to believe anything ever gets done in this town, isn't it? To get the full flavor, though, you should view it bigger. Too bad I can't upload smells, or some asshole stepping on your feet!

And here is the Music Box Theatre on 45th St., which is considered a "Broadway theater" even though as I just said it's on 45th Street. Don't ask me who made the rules and why they don't make sense; it has something to do with the number of hobos who will fit in a boxcar and whether or not they are wearing hats. Anyway, the Music Box is delightfully old and comfortable, like a grandma in her Sunday apron frying up chicken after a rousing game of Burnout Paradise with the little ones. Oh, grandma!