My Fair Lady @ the NY Philharmonic

Surely there are few things prettier to watch onstage than the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. Or lovelier to hear than the New York Philharmonic playing "I Could Have Danced All Night." Or more romantic than a love story without a kiss.

Kelsey Grammer was appropriately, charmingly gruff, a selfish bastard who manages to get his way without ever apologizing for being a selfish bastard. Would you want him to? Brian Dennehy—he of O'Neill and Miller and Rambo—a musical comedy star? As Alfred P. Doolittle, "dustman and scoundrel," yes, yes, yes. Marni Nixon, the voice of a thousand actresses, in a non-singing role; that part was unfortunate, but still. You sit back and you say to yourself, That's Marni Nixon up there, in person.

And how Kelli O'Hara shines, brightly, sweetly, from the piazza to The Pajama Game to this, a production that turned itself over, completely, finally, undeniably, to the flower girl.

theaterKari GComment