Dude! we saw Betty Buckley sing "Memory"

I know, she's been singing it around the world for the past twenty-five years, so it's hardly a rare occurrence, but still. I think a person should be enthusiastic about things. You know? If you're going to love it, LOVE it, and enjoy, and be grateful. And oh my lord! Was I grateful.

** Good news for The Doubter (oh, you know who you are): her "stunning theatricality" did indeed pull her through. That sing-speak schtick totally sold it.** And I'm crossing my fingers for "Meadowlark" at Feinstein's next month.

Also on the menu tonight: Deborah Gibson (gak! eek! horrors!), Donna McKechnie, Mimi Hines, Joanna Gleason, Manoel Felciano, Charles Busch, and Julie Halston, who should host everything. Together we raised a million bucks for the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction, so we applauded ourselves many times, and prayed that the City Center mainstage collapse in on itself one day soon*, without hurting anybody. What a shitty theater.

*P.S.: Please don't sue me if this happens.

**P.P.S.: This was also my first day at work. It was exactly like a first day at work, only it was a first day at work in New York City, which made all the difference.