Betty Buckley @ The Blue Note

These are the shoes that sat thisclose to Betty Buckley last night (and, by extension, Melissa Errico, who chimed in on two numbers). Betty B's were heeled and sparkled, but mine had to switch trains and wander about the Village in search of a cold soda and a hot dog, so I feel confident that I made the right choice for me. I do seem to have a type, though, huh? These are from Hollywould. Note that they're orange, and therefore I love them. Is there a better color that's also a fruit that provides vital nutrients to prevent scurvy and so forth? Answer: doubtful.

Anyway. My favorite numbers were "If I Remember You Right / I Had a King," (first by Betty, second by Joni Mitchell) "Throw It Away" (Abbey Lincoln) and a surprisingly lively version of "The Times They Are A-Changin'." Plus (and I'm adding this from night #2), "Take It With Me" by Tom Waits and "On the 4th of July" by none other than Sweet Baby James. You might think some of this would be unbearable when all jazzed up and given the Broadway diva treatment (Ravinia Bob!), but you would be mistaken, my friend(s). BettyB is both a peach and a gem and I just love her to pieces.