Nothing Like a Dame concert

The annual Nothing Like a Dame concert raises money for The Phyllis Newman Women's Health Initiative, which helps women in the performing arts deal with serious medical conditions, and seeing how the members of this community come together for each other through The Actors Fund is something truly special. I applaud the cause heartily and will continue to support whatever I can, but I do have a petty little nit to pick with the word "concert" as applied to this event, which was essentially a three-hour episode of The Actor's Studio that just happened to include the performance of seven songs. It was a fun night and I'll gladly watch these dames anytime (my continued love and admiration for Seth Rudetsky goes without saying), but seven songs in three hours ain't much of a concert for this cowgirl. Mostly it went down like this:

SETH SETH SETH {Kelli O'Hara} Very pregnant! SETH Country! Opera! SETH SETH SETH SETH Obsessed! SETH SETH SETH {Stephanie J. Block} SETH SETH Woman! SETH Video! SETH SETH {Bebe Neuwirth} SETH Fosse! Bennett! SETH SETH Crazy! SETH SETH SETH SETH {Andrea McArdle} SETH SETH Liberace! SETH SETH SETH SETH {Audra McDonald} SETH Barbra Streisand! SETH SETH SETH {Betty Buckley} STAB!

Okay, I made that last part up. For the record:

  • Kelli O'Hara: "Opera-Country"

  • Stephanie J. Block: "He Touched Me" & "Woman" (from "The Pirate Queen")

  • Bebe Neuwirth: "Ring Them Bells"

  • Andrea McArdle: "You Made Me Love You"

  • Audra McDonald: "Bill"

  • Betty Buckley: "Serenity"

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