N is for neurotoxin

I keep trying to think of something light & funny to say and coming up empty. It isn't sadness or any kind of depression or even a bout of deep thinking, it's just a blank. Creatively my mind is a blank. Is that a relief or an omen? I can't even tell. But I've had a good week actually! I'm on a roll at work, i.e. less crabby. I've been reading a lot and eating well and sleeping just fine. I stopped ingesting aspartame on a tip from my good friend Kris a couple of weeks ago and have almost completely lost that weird foggy, underwater feeling that's been nagging me for, oh, going on two or three years now. I was scared for a while that I was losing it mentally but it turns out it could just be a brain poison delivered daily by a rigorous regimen of nonstop sugar-free gum chewing. And wouldn't that be something. Wouldn't it be nice if I could blame all of life's big and small woes on Trident and the far-off, impossible dream of zero cavities. It might be a load of crap but it might be true, who knows? Nobody, that's the point. You can make up your own mind about anything these days and believe whatever you want. Thanks America.

Anyway. Enjoy your weekend!