Waitin' on a sunny day

I recently realized I'm a glass-half-full person and a glass-half-empty person at the same time. I can never make my mind up or pick a side for very long; I'm too easily distracted by arguments that sound like sage advice or by anything that makes me laugh. Like a dog chasing a frisbee, my mind goes, sure! I'll follow! It's a good thing I'm immune to doomsday cults and religious crackpots, because in a lot of ways I'm a prime target for both.

As a rule then I would say the glass has some unspecified shit in it, so you should look before you drink. Also: things can always get worse. But I don't know what constant despair gets you, except more despair. Be better than that. Aim a little higher. Be both hopeful and terrified. Be confident and dubious. Be good and a little mean.

Since Bruce was a big part of my emotional year, I'll say adios to this one with him. May we all be rich and contented rock stars in 2017, with the people we love most by our sides.